Unmanaged Ethernet Rail Switches


RS2 Series is no longer available - Replaced by the Spider series of Switches


 RS20 - RS30  Unmanaged Series are no longer available



The already available SPIDER III family is the recommended replacement part for the RS Unmanaged switches


 RS20 - RS30 Unmanaged Configurable switches

Hirschmann’s years as a networking leader, the use of premium electronic components combined with  fan-less thermal management translates to superior performance and the highest MTBF (mean time between failure) values possible.
Comprehensive security features offer all round protection in mission critical networks.
RS20 / 30 devices are designed for the harsh requirements of industrial automation. They meet the relevant industry standards, providing very high operational reliability under extreme conditions with long-term reliability. The devices operate with fan-less cooling and have a redundant power supply. The switches can be quickly mounted by snapping them onto a hat rail
The RS20 / 30 allows you to construct switched industrial ETHERNET networks that conform to the IEEE 802.3 and 802.3u standards using copper wires or optical fibres in a bus or ring topology.
You can connect terminal devices and other infrastructure components via twisted pair cables, multi-mode LWL and single-mode LWL.

On delivery the device is ready for operation.

The supply voltage and the signal contacts are connected via a 6-pin terminal block with snap locking.
The USB socket is for connection of Auto Configuration Adapter ACA 21-USB which is an adapter for saving and loading the device configuration this can also be used for loading the device software.