Data and Control Cables

Our cable range consists of control cables, data cables, highly flexible cables, ethernet cables and more..


  • Flexible, oil resistant
  • Halogen Free
  • Suitable for all environmental conditions, including wet/dry, EMC, outside/inside, various temperature ranges
  • Suitable for fixed connection or energy supply chains
  • Used in machinery, machine tools, system and appliance engineering
  • Measurement, control, heating and air conditioning


  • Robust, durable and reliable data cables
  • Halogen Free
  • For data communication systems, provides fast and secure transfers of large volumes of data
  • Suitable for fixed connection or energy supply chains
  • Will withstand chemical and mechanical stress, humid conditions and various temperatures. 


  • Industrial Networking and factory automation cable
  • Includes products, software solutions and services
  • Security systems via firewall solutions


  • Fibre optic cable, fast efficient and secure data transfer
  • Suitable for all applications, both indoor and outdoor
  • Can withstand stress from various environmental conditions
  • Protection against electromagnetic interference
  • Small dimensions and minimal weight
  • Highly flexible - for use with drag chains
  • Extensive range of accessories