Lapp OLFLEX Control TM

ÖLFLEX® CONTROL TM Power and Control Cable

  • Torsion resistant for drip loops
  • Flame-retardant according to CSA FT4
  • UL Vertical-Tray Flame Test
  • Oil-resistant according to UL OIL RES I & II
  • Resistant to sunlight and ozone
  • Suitable for the loop in wind turbine generators (WTG)
  • Outer jacket: Specially formulated thermoplastic polymer
  • Colour of the outer jacket: Grey
  • Direct Burial
  • Submersible Pump Cable
  • Core ID: Black with white numbers

Application range

  • Industrial machinery
  • Plant engineering
  • Compliant with Tool machines: (UL) MTW
  • Unprotected 600V operation on cable tray in the USA, incl. 6 ft.
  • Exposed Run laying sections
  • USA Wind Turbine Tray Cable (WTTC)


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