Hirschmann MAS/MAK Connectors (DIN EN 60130-9)


Hirschmann MAS / MAK Connectors DIN EN60130-9

The Hirschmann MAS and MAK connector series meets the IEC EN60130-9 standard for audio and visual signals also known as DIN EN60310-9. The Hirschmann circular connectors are available as shielded miniature multi pole connectors as well as the coaxial connector version.

The multiple versions of the MAS & MAK connectors allow them to be used in audio and video applications, measurement and control instruments, on projectors and offer secure connections in the field of computers and interfaces.

Hirschmann MAS/MAK Circular Connector Series

Hirschmann Audio & Video ConnectorsHirschmann Circular MAS/MAK Connectors & SocketsHirschmann MAS & MAK Circular connectors have a screw locking system allowing for a safe connection of the connector, couplings, panel mounted sockets and panel mounted plugs. The cable connectors all feature clamping tabs to offer strain relief. 

Basic Connector Data;

  • Operating voltage: 34 V AC / DC
  • Operating currrent: 4 A
  • Flashover voltage: 1 kV
  • Insulation resistance:10-E11 Ohms
  • Type of connection: solder
  • Plug illustrations: EN 60130-9

The Hirschmann MAS & MAK connector series are commonly referred to as Audio/Visual connectors and are held as stocked connectors by Complete Electronics Ltd.