Lapp Circular Connectors

                                         Lapp Circular Connectors

                                      Epic M17 Signal Series                                      Epic - M12 Power Series                                Epic Powerlock Series

Making the choice to use Lapp Circular Connectors means you will always be on the safe side as every product in Lapp’s extensive product range has sustained a demanding development process. Epic Circular industrial connectors can be found everywhere in industrial machinery and plant engineering for measuring, control and drives. The ranges of EPIC circular connectors are all extremely robust, extremely safe and also very easy to install. Epic is a flexible system of housings, inserts and contacts. With Lapp’s understanding of trends, sectors and markets allow them to develop products today that will be used all over the world tomorrow. The Lapp group offers an ideal for every complex solution, from tried and tested products to sophisticated customised production. 

Application Range

  • Electronics and telecommunications
  • Measurement, testing and control technology
  • Industrial machinery and appliances
  • Drive technology and industrial automation
  • Photovoltaic Plants

M23 Circular connectors come in two designs. One being a signal design and the other being power. EPIC® SIGNAL connectors are available as M17, M23 and R3.0 (M27). The signal design is made with gold plated contacts for transmitting the lowest of currents and voltages, and as high-reserve power connectors.  The metal housing with integrated EMC screen contact reliably prevents electromagnetic interferences. The EPIC® Circon M23 connectors are specially designed for signal transmission in servo motors and servo harnessing as well as measurement and control technology and plant engineering. As well as the LS1 circular connectors, the M23 circular connectors are available in three different configurations. These configurations are Coupler, Connector and panel mount. Once again, this is to make sure that there is simple cable-to-cable and cable-to-machine requirements. These connectors have three keying arrangements to avoid incorrect mating and they have contacts available in crimp or solder terminations.


The EPIC® POWER connectors are available as M12, M17, LS1 (M23), LS1.5 (M40) and LS3 (M58). Strain relief is offered through the integrated EMC cable glands and they are perfectly sealed.

The EPIC® POWERLOCK series of connectors are perfect for transmitting very high currents and are colour coded and geometrically coded in order to prevent incorrect connections.Available with crimp or screw contacts for unshielded single core power cable. Maximum power rating for cimp contacts is 1000V - 660A and for screw contacts 1000V - 400A. Powerlock assembly instructions (crimp and screw contacts) can be found here

The connectors with the contact configurations 5+PE, 3+PE+4, in the EPIC Circon LS1 series, are designed to be used in servo harnessing and in servo motors. In order to bring about simple cable-to-cable and cable-to-machine, these connectors are available in coupler, connector and panel mount configurations. The circular connectors come with an integrated EMC screen termination.