Hirschmann GDM Valve Connectors (DIN 43650)

Hirschmann GDM Valve Connectors (DIN 43650)

Hirschmann GDM Valve Connectors offer a range of rectangular DIN 43650 Connectors. Hirschmann Connectors include the GDM series including form A, B and C DIN EN 175301-803 as well as the industrial version that are approved across International VDE, UL,CSA,GL.

Valve connectors from the Hirschmann GDM series are typically used in hydraulic, pneumatic and electro-magnetic actuators as well as sensors. These rugged rectangular connectors fulfill the demands of hard practical daily work in every form (Types A/B/C).

Key features for the Hirschmann rectangular connector range:

  • Available in 2+PE and 3+PE
  • Available as a field attachable or as moulded cable cordets
  • Easy to assemble due to the large cable connection space - PG9, PG11, M16
  • Endless connection possibilities as Hirschmann have patent-protected combination terminal enabling connecting of standard wires, fork type eyelets or cable lugs
  • Protection class up to IP68
  • Available with or without electronic insert to include LED'S, varistors and diodes.
  • Accommodating various cable lengths

Hirschmann's latest addition to their ever growing portfolio is that of the GDMF field attachable rectangular valve connector, keeping up with technology and the high demand for compact rectangular connectors Hirschmann can now offer the perfect fit, at just 26mm and with an IP rating of IP65/IP67 whilst also offering the proven quality and reliability of the popular GDM range.

 When deciding which Hirschmann GDM valve connectors are required for your application or advice on how to identify the right rectangular connector you need, your engineer should answer the following questions;Hirschmann GDM Series Connectors

  1. How many contacts/pins do you need? Most DIN 43650 connectors come in either 2 or 3 pole + (PE) earth. 
  2. Do you need a circuit? Yes or No
  3. What Cable/Gland size do you need? Depending on which type of DIN 43650 connector you need, the following standard cable size’s are available;
  • 4.5-10mm diameter (M16)
  • 4.5-7mm diameter (PG9)
  • 6-9mm diameter (PG11)
  • 3 - 6.5mm diameter (M12)

4. What colour do you need? These connectors are available in black and grey.  Also available are transparent versions which make use of internal LED indicators.Rectangular Valve Connectors

5. Do you need a gasket? The standard gaskets available are;

  • Profiled NBR (black rubber) -30°C to +90°C
  • Flat NBR (I/brown rubber) -30°C to +90°C

6. Do you need the industrial (IND) version? The industrial connectors have flat blade contacts and 11mm pin spacing. The industrial DIN version has a ‘U’ shape blade contact and 10mm spacing.

7. Which type of connector do I need?  There are 3 types of DIN connector; A, B & C. The difference between them is their size.

Form A measures approximately 28mm x 28mm, Form B - Hirschmann GDM Valve Connectors DIN 43650 is around 20mm x 28mm whereas Form C - Hirschmann GDM Valve Connectors (DIN 43650) is the smallest at about 10mm x 10mm.Hirschmann Connectors Form A, B. C

If you can answer each of these questions, you should be able to easily identify which industrial connector you require. 

The robust and reliable rectangular connectors from Hirschmann GDM valve connectors (DIN 43650) Series (type A, B or C) and GDMF Series are suitable for almost all applications. Made possible by Hirschmann's willingness to customise device connectors where needed for all types of installations. If you do have a special request please contact us at the office and we will be happy to work with you in creating your perfect custom connector!