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The HEAVYCON range of rectangular heavy duty connectors from Phoenix Contact offer protection from the harshest of environments. They will resist dirt, liquids, vibration and mechanical strain and are sealed to IP69K with EMC protectionon to the metal housings to protect interfaces and to provide secure power, data and signal transmission.
With three ranges available from Phoenix Contact; The Heavycon Standard,The Heavycon EVO and The Heavycon Advanced you will almost certainly be able to create the connector to meet your needs, with identical inserts that can be combined with any of the above ranges of metal and plastic housings. There are various supporting base elements such as panel mounting bases, box mounting bases or coupling housings available depending on the application.
Each of the ranges offer different advantages from cost, weight and protection;

Heavycon standard

Phoenix Contact Standard housings are available in robust metal with a multitude of cable outlet directions and locks. 

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Flexible and single and double locking latches
  • EMC ready
  • Mountable and plug-in versions.

Heavycon Evo

Phoenix Contact Evo housings are highly flexible with the swiveling bayonet locking allowing you to easily select the cable outlet direction.

  • Easy on-site selection of cable outlet direction
  • Available in both plastic and metal – Metal offering EMC ready.
  • Flexible and single and double locking latches
  • Mountable and plug-in versions.

Heavycon Advance

Phoenix Contact Heavycon Advance  ishighly durable and robust due to the direct screw locking with no panel mounting base.

  • Available in both plastic and metal – Metal offering EMC ready.
  • Direct mounting offers a cost advantage
  • Compatible mounting

The Heavycon ranges are manufactured to an Industrial standard making them fully compatible and interchangeable with other brands on the market.

With more than 50 contact insert options for power, signal and data as well as pneumatic applications and fast connection technologies such as pushin or QUICKON displacement connection make it possible to connect cables in seconds along with the standard crimp and screw connection.

The heavycon range is ultimately designed to give the customer a multi choice solution for a varied range of industrial applications including sectors such as wind turbine generators, the automotive industry and control cabinet manufacturing, machine building and systems manufacturing.