M23 Hybrid Connector

Phoenix Contact M23 Hybrid Connectors


M23 hybrid connectors for signal, data, and power transmission; offering new possibilities in device connectivity.

 The new M23 HYBRID circular connector allows you to transmit signals, data, and power safely using just one connector – in a compact and robust M23 design. Use the M23 connectors from Phoenix Contact for reliable signal transfer, data and power in a single connector. The new M23 Hybrid saves time and space by combining signals and power into a single plug and thanks to the plastic housing with a metal powder and a metal EMC coating it is suitable for a wide range of applications and a great solution for time and space restricting projects. There is also reduced cabling effort as a daisy chain application can be used with the hybrid connectors for decentralized drive concepts. SPEEDCON delivers fast locking which reduces connection time while still providing safe and vibration resistance and optical colour coding helps to prevent connection errors by customer-specific connector markings with colour rings. The new M23 Hybrid offers versatile device connection technology, straight and angled rotary device connectors with infinitely variable configuration of the output direction up to 310°.

The hybrid connectors feature high flexibility: The CAT5 data interface can be replaced by four signal contacts. Therefore, a total of eight contacts are available for transmitting signals. The new M23 hybrid circular connector from Phoenix Contact is an all-in-one connector that securely transmits signals, data and power. The compact M23 connector can handle currents up to 30 A and voltages up to 850 V DC or 630 V AC.

The connector features a centrally located protective earth (PE) ground, along with four power contacts and four signal contacts. The data pins have a 0.8-mm diameter and can provide an optional Ethernet connection in accordance with CAT 5e.

Quick Look

  • Transmission of signals, data and power in a single connector
  • Sizes: M23
  • CAT5 interface, alternative: 4 additional signal contacts
  • Connection cross section up to 16mm²
  • Up to 70 A and 850 V DC/630 V AC
  • Plastic-moulding designsSignals, data and power in just one circular connector
  • Compact M23 circular connector for high power
  • 0.8 mm contacts for secure data transmission according to CAT5
  • Improved ergonomics for hand held devices
  • 0.8mm data contact for safe and reliable data transmission according to CAT5
  • SPEEDCON fast connection technology
  • Over-moulded cable assemblies available on request

 Main Features

  • Currents: up to 30 A
  • Voltages: up to 850 V DC and 630 V AC
  • Degree of protection: IP65/67
  • Temperature range: -40 °C ... +125 °C
  • Contacts:4x signal
  • 4 x data (can be swapped with 4x signal)
  • 4x power + PE


Industry Trends

  • EU regulation requires manufacturers to improve electric motor efficiency
  • Miniaturisation results in less space for connectors
  • Intelligent devices requires power, signal and data

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