Lumberg Automation M12 Connectors


M12 Connectors from Lumberg Automation

M12 circular connectors from Lumberg Automation are used for sensors, valves, I/O modules and the supply of power and data to I/O modules, drives and field devices.

M12 connectors are a common standard used in field cabling and wiring of machines and plants within the industrial automation and machine building sectors. Renowned for their reliability and proven connection technology, Lumberg Automation M12 connectors are available from Complete Electronics Ltd. Available as field attachable, receptacle connectors, over moulded single ended cordsets, over moulded double ended cordsets with LED and right angle options also available as standard.

Lumberg Automation Connectors & Cables - Key features:

  • Male and female, Straight and angled variants, with 3 to 12 pins
  • A, B, U and D coded
  • For voltages up to 250 V and currents up to 4 A
  • Available as field-attachable connectors or with moulded cables as well as T-distributors
  • Cable variants in many lengths with and without LED function indicator
  • Numerous connection possibilities – screwed clamp terminals, cage clamp terminals and quick connection technologies
  • Protection class IP 67; up to IP68 /69K

M12 Receptacle Connectors from Lumberg AutomationM12 Leaded Connectors from Lumberg AutomationIP67, IP68, IP69k M12 Wash Down Connectors M12 Connectors from Lumberg Automation







 M12 connectors are a standard connector used in sensor applications and commonly within the food and beverage sector. Complete Electronics Ltd have a wide range of circular connectors which include M12, M8, M23 and 7/8 connectors. If you are looking to design in a circular connector and are looking for advice or assistance in specifying the right component, then contact our technical team using the live chat.