19" Rack Mounted Switches


Mach SeriesRuggedized Control Cabinet Switches

MACH1000 and GREYHOUND Ruggedized Switches offer a highly flexible and robust product that has been designed specifically for use under extreme conditions like high temperature, shock, vibration or EMC.


  • Substation IEC61850: The switches meet the requirements of power transmission and distribution.
  • Physical Security, Video Surveillance networks: Variants with up to 28 Gigabit ports and Power over Ethernet support.
  • Transportation - Approval for ships and train applications
  • Hazardous Locations - Approval for use in areas exposed to explosion hazards
  • Industrial Automation


Fast/Gigabit Ethernet switch designed for use in harsh industrial environments with a need for cost-effective, entry-level devices. Up to 28 ports, 20 in the basic unit and in addition a media module slot that allow customers to add or change 8 additional ports in the field.

The GREYHOUND Gigabit Ethernet switches are offered in two basic versions. The configuration options include:

  • 16 Fast Ethernet TX ports
  • Eight Fast Ethernet TX ports, plus eight Fast Ethernet small form-factor pluggable (SFP) ports
  • It is also possible to add four Gigabit Ethernet Combo ports

 GREYHOUND 1040 Ethernet-Switch

A second product family offers Layer 2 and Layer 3 with up to 28 Gigabit ports. 4 ports  support 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet. The basic unit is equipped with 12 fixed Ports and two slots for additional 8 port media modules. These modules can be configured customer specific and exchanged in the field. Hot swappable redundant power supplies that can be easily changed out to ensure an uninterrupted communication. To help balance network speed and cost, the GREYHOUND 1040 switches are the first to offer a unique, new 2.5 GE fiber option, which is expected to be a future IEEE standard. This enables you to manage more bandwidth through a single port, or by combining several 2.5 GE ports, without incurring the expense of a 10 Gigabit device. The switch’s two power supplies, available in high- or low-voltage options


Fast/Gigabit Ethernet switches with up to 28 configurable ports with layer 2 software.
The full Gigabit version with non-blocking architecture features 16 Gigabit Combo ports and in addition a layer 3 software with static and dynamic routing.