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A cable assembly/harness is a group of cables or wires that are assembled into a single unit that transmits signals (digital or analogue), electrical power, audio, video and/or data. A cable harness is also known as a wire harness, cable assembly, wiring assembly or wiring loom and offers many advantages over having loose cabling or wiring. By binding or assembling wires and cables together the assembly instantly becomes safer, manageable and more secure. Using a cable assembly, installation time can be significantly reduced in comparison to installing single cables. Our cable assemblies can be terminated with a variety of fixings and connectors and in some cases directly onto a printed circuit board (PCB). Our cable and connector ranges cover a variety of areas including control, data communication, appliance engineering, measurement, heating, industrial ethernet, and factory automation. We also offer a broad line of heat-shrink insulation, plastic spiral binding, braid, and other cable protection products for use in harsh environments and high-temperature applications. For routing of cables and cable assemblies through machine, panel or enclosure walls we have a wide variety of cable management systems with up to IP66 / IP68 and UL type 4X ingress protection. There are several strain relief plates for various mounting methods.

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On completion of the cable assembly, each assembly is visually inspected, mechanically inspected and then electrically tested where appropriate to assure a high level of quality for our customers.

We can accept both large volume and small quantity orders. If you prefer to place blanket orders with scheduled shipping dates, we are happy to stock the product for you.

Complete Electronics Ltd offer a cable harnessing service which includes the following;

  • From simple cable assemblies through to complex wiring harnesses we can provide fast competitive solutions.
  • Specialist wires, connectors, and cables can be sourced & supplied, then pre-cut and prepared to your exact specifications.
  • Over-Moulding - Power cords, connectors, and other components can be over-moulded for added protection or for the inclusion of bespoke circuits. This adds security and environmental protection to the connections.
  • We can offer customised cable assemblies and over-moulding solutions for commercial, test, automotive, medical and industrial applications.
  • We can also identify and source suitable alternatives to most connectors, contacts, and cables.
  • Based in the UK
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Flexible reliable service

 We offer excellent service with outstanding quality at competitive prices.

All we need to quote is a cable assembly drawing and an assembly bill of materials.

Contact one of our helpful staff to discuss your requirements, whatever the connector, cable or complexity of the assembly or harness we will be sure to offer the best solution.

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