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Bulgin Rectangular Power Connectors

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Bulgin Rectangular Power Connectors Assembly

  • The Bulgin Rectangular Power Connector range offers a reliable, rugged solution for cable to cable applications in harsh environments with its environmentally sealed range of products.
  • The series has a male and female option, as well as modifications including enhanced seal retention, protective end caps, shrink boot adapters, welded flange, terminating resistors and a Y-Type connector for industrial and automotive industries.

Assembly Step One

Use a previously crimped contact and wire and hold just behind the contact barrel


 Assembly Step 2

 Line the contact up with the grommet.


Assembly Step 3

Push the contact until a click is felt. Check the contact is in place by gently tugging and confirming
alignment. Repeat for number of contacts desired.


Assembly Step 4

When contacts are in place, insert the appropriate wedgelock until a click is heard.

Once male and female housings are prepared the parts can be mated


 Contact Layout


Part Number Definition


Part Number Definition




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