Bulgin Switches


Pushbutton Switches

  •  Manufactured from Stainless Steel, Bulgin’s extensive range of vandal resistant security switches are designed with a high resistance to wear and tear, corrosion and harsh use in potentially hostile environments such as access control applications
  •  With the inclusion of Arcolectric's switch range, Bulgin now offer an even larger choice of push-button switches

Voltage Selector Switches

  •  Panel Mount
  • Max. Rating: 6.3A, 120 / 240
  • Insulation Resistance: >106 MΩ
  • Termination: 2.8 series tabs/solder tags
  • Temperature Range: –20°C to +85°C
  • Mouldings: Glass Filled Nylon UL94V-1
  • Tags: Brass:  Silver Plated
  • Contacts: Copper Silver Alloy

Piezo Switches

  • Unlike traditional switches, our Piezo switches have no moving mechanical parts making them extremely durable, withstanding millions of actuations and requiring little to no maintenance.
  •  Available in 16mm, 19mm & 22mm sizes with Illuminated and Non-Illuminated options
  • Our vandal resistant piezo switches are operable with gloves and sealed to IP68/IP69k standards
  • Making them the perfect switch solution for harsh environments.

Rocker Switches

  •  This range of panel mounting indicators consists of many different LED and Neon types, bezel styles and colours.
  • The range has developed to meet the many different needs of panel design including IP66 environmentally sealed versions for use where a front panel seal is needed.

 Available types:

  • Ultra-thin, Miniature, Twin unit, Miniature round, and Standard
  •  Rating from 10A, 250V ac up to 20A, 277V AC
  •  Single & double pole variants available
  •  Push-on, solder & PCB terminals
  •  Illuminated and non-illuminated options
  •  High in-rush (ON-OFF types)
  •  Matching Indicators
  •  Splash resistant options
  •  Choice of bezel styles and sizes, panel cut-outs and actuators
  •  Choice of switching circuits including 3 position

Toggle Switches

  •  Well known for their quality and reliability, Bulgin’s toggle switches are cost-effective solutions to many existing applications.
  •  These switches offer features at an attractive price point often well below that of the existing competition.
  •  Nylon and Metal switch variants
  •  Multiple Lever Options
  •  Ratings up to 20A, 250V AC - 277V AC
  •  IP67 panel seal versions supplied complete with gaskets (3900 Series – All Variants)
  • Single and double pole
  • Choice of circuit options including 3 position and momentary
  • Mounting hole: 12.7mm diameter
  • Sealing accessories available
  • Quick Connect, Solder, Screw and PCB Termination Options

Slide Switches

  • With up to 5 switching positions as well as multiple terminals, circuit and slider options
  • Bulgin’s board mounted power slide switches can be configured to suit your needs
  • We also offer a wide range of voltage selector types that can be either snapped into a panel or flange mounted.
  • Ratings up to 16A, 250V ac
  • PCB and solder terminals
  • Voltage Selector Models
  •  Snap-in and flange mounting
  •  2, 3, 4 and 5 position
  •  Choice of circuits
  •  Choice of actuators

Refrigerator Switches

  •  Long recognised as a leader in refrigerator door switches
  •  Bulgin’s wide range of types and configurations will suit almost any need
  • With both double pole and single pole options, our switches are not only ideal for traditional refrigerator and freezer applications but can and have been used in a variety of door applications as well.
  •  Door switches
  •  Switch rating from 0.2A, 250V ac up to 5A, 250Vac
  •  Splash resistant variants
  • Choice of actuators

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