Hirschmann Power ST Series Rectangular Connectors


Hirschmann Power (ST-Series)

The Hirschmann ST power connector is particularly suitable for power supply and signal transmissions within industrial applications and mechanical engineering as the ST series has been notably designed for power applications and also signal current supply and signal transmission. However with such outstanding features the ST connectors are widely used in many other fields such as power supplies for injection molding machines and industrial lighting systems

Product features

  • Dust and spray-proof protection with an IP54 Rating
  • Permit issued by VDE and UL for worldwide use.
  • Additional safety through protective metal bracket ensuring positive locking of two mating connectors.
  • Available in 2+PE to 5+PE pole variants.
  • For voltages up to 400 V and for currents up to 16A.
  • Available as field attachable or moulded cable

Compact rectangular connectors. The ST Series performs exceptionally well even under extreme conditions such as measuring devices. The ST Series is protected from vibrations and is resilient to sprayed water with a protection class of IP54 whilst easily and efficiently being installed.

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