Hirschmann Power over Ethernet (PoE)

                             Hirschmann Power over Ethernet (PoE)

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Power over Ethernet is a technology that Belden has implemented into many of its industrial Ethernet switches from the Mach range, the Octopus water proof device and the Spider.

Power over Ethernet is a technology that allows network cables to carry electrical power as well as data to remote devices or over a wired Ethernet network. This eliminates the need for two connections and in so reducing the number of wires needed to install the network.

The current and data signals are kept separate so that they do not interfere with each other. The current enters the cable via an injector.

Also avaiiable is PoE+ which make almost twice the power available over standard PoE, 25.5 Watts of power is available with PoE+ compared to 12.95 Watts available with standard PoE

The benefits of using Power Over Ethernet (PoE) include;

  • Lower cost – reduces the time and cost of power cables to be installed.
  • Less downtime – POE is designed to protect network devices from incorrect installation, overload and under powering.
  • Easier maintenance
  • Greater flexibility - without the need to be near an electrical outlet, Belden’s range of POE devices can be located where they are most needed and easily moved if required.
  • Reliability 

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