KEL-EMC-PF Cable Assembly Bracket

For mounting individual shield clamps


  • The EMC bracket combined with the matching PFS EMC shield clamp is perfect in conjunction with the KEL cable entry frame 
  • For alleviating interferences due to shields.
  • The EMC clamp is assembled inside the control panel.
  • For this process the fixing screws for the assembly of the KEL frame on the panel are used.
  • A female screw thread M5 is already integrated in the KEL-EMC-PF bracket.
  • The KDR-EMC-PFM type can be mounted on icotek enclosure base plates with slide frames KDR-ESR-VX25.
  • Depending on the cable diameter, the corresponding PFS shield clamp can be snapped onto the EMC bracket.
  • Large surface contact between cable shield and housing, especially on conductive coated surfaces
  • Easily combines cable routing, EMC and strain relief due to the use of the same mounting holes
  • M5 Mounting hole for earthing tape or PE connection
  • Direct, easy and quick contact to the enclosure
  • Designed for high density applications
  • Replacement for EMC cable glands, even for pre-terminated cables

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