EMC-KEL-DS Split EMC Cable Entry Frames, IP55

EMC-KEL-DS | Split EMC cable entry frames


  • For shielding cables with connectors / IP55
  • The EMC cable entry frame EMC-KEL-DS has been metallised (galvanise coated) to create a conductive surface.
  • The front cable grommet (KT) is used for strain relief and cable sealing on the cable jacket.
  • The cable shield is contacted over 360° via the rear conductive grommet (EMC-KT).
  • The EMC-KEL-DS frames match exactly the cut-out dimensions for 24-pin standard industrial connectors.
  • Either a cut-out of 36 mm or 46 mm in height can be chosen depending on the cables being routed.
  • The contact between the EMC-KEL-DS and the conductive housing wall is realised via the included conductive flat gasket.
  • Material: Polyamide, highly conductive coating
  • Flame Class: 
  • UL94-V0, self-extinguishing
  • Operating temperature: -40 C° to 140 C°
  • Mounting Options: Screw Type Mounting
  • IP rating (certified acc. to EN 60529)


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