ULTRA H-A 3 Housing

EPIC® ULTRA H-A 3 Housing

The EPIC® ULTRA H-A 3 is an addition to our already extensive range of rectangular connectors, the reliable connector for industrial applications, safe and removable connection in machine building, control cabinets and in outdoor applications Discover more about our newest product. 

What makes this product perfect? 

The range of ULTRA housings are corrosion resistant and have stainless steel levers and components making them ideal for hygiene and harsh environments.

Application Range
• Hygiene and Purity: Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical 
• Industrial machinery and machine tools
• Outdoor applications especially salt-beating environments
• Suitable for use with screened cables in high EMC applications

Product Features

• Pluggable with standard housings
• Resistance to cyclic salt spray is tested according to IEC 68-2-52, severity level 2
• Salt spray testing according to DIN EN ISO 9227, method NSS, period of test 480 hours
• Corrosion-resistant according to DIN EN 6988
• Delivery including stainless steel screw for the inserts

Technical Data

• -40°C to +100°C, short-term up to +125°C 
• Protection rating UL50E tested 
• IP65 Protection when mated 

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