Lapp OLFLEX 191 CY


PVC control cable with UL/CSA AWM

  • Oil-resistant according to EN 50363-4-1: TM5
  • Flame-retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2
  • High degree of screening
  • Flexible 
  • Conductor cross-section up to 120 mm²
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High electrical performance due to 4 kV test voltage
  • Low transfer impedance (max. 250 Ω/km at 30 MHz)
  • PVC outer sheath colour:  Grey (similar to RAL 7001)
  • Tinned-copper braiding
  • Core ID: Black with white numbers acc. to VDE 0293-1

Application range

  • Plant engineering
  • Industrial machinery
  • Heating and air-conditioning systems
  • For use In EMC-sensitive environments (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Mainly used in dry, damp and wet interiors (including water-oil mixtures),
  • Not for outdoor use
  • For fixed installation under medium mechanical load conditions, and applications with occasional flexing
  • For the use of AWM (Appliance Wiring Material) cables in industrial machinery (USA) according to NFPA 79 Ed. 2015:

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