Data Connectors

Data Connectors

Data Connectors encompass a wide range of connectors through which data is sent. As a franchised connector distributor, Complete Electronics Ltd offer a range of data connectors from a number of manufacturers which include Bulgin, Yamaichi and Lumberg Automation.

Data can be sent using a number of protocols such as Ethernet, Profibus, DeviceNet, Interbus, Canbus and SMB (RF). Ethernet connectors tend to be RJ45’s but Ethernet can also be sent through sensor style connectors such as M12. SMB Connectors are usually 50 Ohm and are generally used in radio applications.

Standard Buccaneer - Ethernet Connector PX0834EM12FX PG9 - Ethernet ConnectorData Connectors - Bulgin, Lumberg Automation, Amphenol

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