H-B Series

                         LAPP EPIC® H-B Series

              10074900 | H-B 16 SGR-LB 21 | Lapp Epic® H-B 16 SGR-LB Housing               10033000 | H-B 10 AD-BO | Lapp Epic® H-B 10 AD-BO Housing

Housing design EPIC H-B. The industry standard. Epic Standard is robust and there is flexible choice of cable entries.

This series ranges from the EPIC  HB-6 up to the EPIC HB-48. The HB-6 is the smallest body in the H-B Series and is suitable for inserts with outstanding electrical properties. The EPIC H-B6 has non-slip ridges for comfortable disconnecting and has a UL50E protection rating. On the EPIC HB-48 there is housing for two inserts on one connector which ensures that the power and data are in a single component it is suitable, for example, for the use in the plastic industry. This means that you can have power and Data within the same connector.

Product features for EPIC® HB series

  • It has a low version hood
  • There are bolts for single lever
  • It has straight cable entry
  • There are versions with or without neck

Application range for EPIC® HB series

  • They can be used in the Plant Engineering Industry
  • They are used in the Plastics industry
  • They are also used in Control engineering.

Within the Lapp EPIC H-B series is also the H-B ULTRA Housing. These EPIC HB housings are electrically conductive, they are corrosion resistant and have a hard nickel finish. They have stainless steel latching levers and bolts which give them a lot more strength and it makes them corrosion resistant. An Integrated SKINTOP gland in the hoods and the surface mount bases gives a self-centering radial seal and strain relief. Shielded cable is used in electrically noisy environments as to eliminate electrical interference. With this in mind, the SKINTOP Brush insert provides a 360 degree low resistance contact area with the cable shield. This configuration forms a conductive shell around the wire terminations that virtually eliminates electrical interference.


  • Optimum, low-resistance 360° screening
  • They are all purpose which is thanks to the fact that they are high corrosion resistant and high protection against environment influences.
  • They are space saving which is due to their well compacted dimensions.
  • They are proven to be faster than any other comparable system.
  • They have a very high mechanical resistance.

Application Range

  • They can be used in EMC sensitive environments (EMC deals with problems of noise emission as well as noise immunity of electronic and electrical products and systems.)
  • They are used for both fixed and flexible application in machine construction and wind turbine engineering.
  • They are used in construction machinery. (machinery such as wheel loaders, Graders, Landfill compactors etc)
  • They are also often used in electric motor manufacturing

Product features

  • The housing with the BRUSH attachment comes with BRUSH shield contacting for the cables
  • They are pluggable with standard housings
  • They are also Corrosion-resistant according to DIN EN 6988
  • They have had the Salt spray test according to IEC 68-2-52, severity level 2
  • They have also had Salt spray testing according to DIN EN ISO 9227, method NSS, test duration 480 hours

The application area of rectangular connectors is mostly in machine building and plant construction, as well as control cabinets and Light Sound equipment.

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