Lapp EPIC Rectangular Connectors

Lapp Epic® Rectangular Connectors

                          10564000 | H-A 16 TS 16 | Lapp Epic® H-A 16 TS Housing                   10448100 | H-A 10 SGR-LB 16 | Lapp Epic® H-A 10 SGR-LB Housing

The Lapp EPIC Rectangular Connectors can be found in any machine and plant engineering or drive technology application used for control, drive, measuring or regulation. There is a solution perfectly suited to any requirement as the rectangular connectors are available as components making it a flexible system consisting of casings, insets, contacts, and accessories. EPIC rectangular connectors offer 11 different contact insert types and 2 housing series sizes to handle application requirements up to 1000 volts, 82 amps, and from 3 to 280 contacts. These Lapp connectors are intermateable and compatible with most equivalent DIN type rectangular connectors.

There are two performance classes to choose from regarding the housing. There is the EPIC® Standard which is robust and there is a flexible choice of cable entries, and there is is the EPIC® ULTRA which has a high corrosion protection, a high EMC protection and it also has a stainless steel interlocking device. The Epic inserts are available in a fixed pin design which come in a wide variety of designs and are very easy to handle, and also available as a modular system which offers flexibility with modules for data, signals, power, fibre-optics and pneumatics. This then allows for every insert to be individually tailor-made for the appropriate module configuration.


  • Very easy to assemble and highly robust
  • System components constructed to the highest standards, with optimal functionality and process reliability.
  • These connectors are also suitable for bus and fibre optic connections.

Fields of application:-

  • Electronics and telecommunications. 
  • Measurement, testing and control technology. 
  • Mechanical engineering and appliances. 
  • Drive technology and industrial automation
  • Photovoltaic systems. 
  • And many more.


  • H-A Series – H-A insertswith screw termination up to 2.5 mm² wire cross section
  • H-B Series  - Housing design H-B. The industry standard
  • H-BE & H-EE Series - H-EE inserts with high contact density based on the tried-and-tested H-BE series
  • H-BS & H-BVE Series - Cable Mount Connector Insert, Female, 12 Way, 35A, 440 V ac
  • H-D & H-DD Series  - The H-DD series with machined crimp contacts - for a high number of pin in very tight spaces.
  • Power & TB Series -
  • H-Q Series - coupler plastic housing for H-Q rectangular connector series
  • Epic contacts - EPIC® contacts and matching tools for a safe connection
  • Accessories  - EPIC® accessories, protective covers, sealing’s, code pins, cover plates, levers
  • STA Series - The proven STA inserts with spring contacts
  • Modular Series - The mixed assembly guarantees high flexibility.

The Epic® rectangular range of connectors is UL (E75770) recognised for the USA in the USA and Canada. There are environmental protection ratings on the rugged aluminium alloy enclosures of IP65, NEMA 4 and 12. 

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