Modular Series

                                       LAPP EPIC® Modular Series

                                      10344300 | MCS 8 RJ45 | Lapp Epic® MC  RJ45 Module     10344600 | MCS-HC 1+PE | Lapp Epic®  Power Module     10381400 | MCR 16 S | Lapp Epic® MCR Frame     10382000 | MCS 3 CM | Lapp Epic® High Voltage Module

The EPIC® MC Modular series connector can be custom-configures to meet application requirements by combining a variety of standard plug-and-play modules within various size support frames. Configurations include contacts for power and control, thermocouple contacts, data modules for PROFIBUS and Ethernet, and pneumatic modules.

LAPP EPIC® Modular series offer the options to plug in energy, signal, data and light compressed air into one connector. Ideal with ÖLFLEX special cables. You will find LAPP EPIC® Modular technology used in robotics and in the rack of switchgears.


Modular Overview

 The mixed assembly guarantees high flexibility. EPIC® MC Modules can be used in applications in mechanical and plant engineering, for printing machines and slide-in technology. The EPIC® power and signal module with screw termination and reinforced protective grounding can be combined in one housing and is suitable for printing presses and investment construction. The module with spring-type termination guarantees a fast connection with spring pin and has 4 contacts. It can be used in printing pressed for example. The power module ensures a high current in one modular slot and combines a greater number of functions; this module ensures high currents for sufficient reservation for energy and contains the crimping contact that is resistant against vibration it also has a lever for rapid removal. The Power module is suitable for robotics and control systems. The EPIC® MC Module 3 Pole is a three-pole signal module that contains 3 contacts and is suitable for use in control systems, investment construction and printing presses. The 3 pole offers very high current transfer in a small space. For data transmission the EPIC® MC Module 10 pole is ideal, it can be selected with female or male pins. The EPIC® MC Module 20 pole is a powder module with 20 contacts and it is able to withstand a temperature of approximately +125°C for a short period; this would be suitable in a control system for example. The EPIC® MC Module three-pole coaxial module is suitable for the transmission of RGB video signal in a single module. It combines more functions in a single connector which makes it more flexible. The EPIC® PROFIBUS DP module is suitable for continuous bus operation and has a screw termination which ensures easy installation, the PROFIBUS module offers uninterruptible fieldbus operation with a lever for rapid removal of the module. The EPIC® RJ45 power module has 4 and 8 data contacts and can be used in investment construction and control systems.

 Modular Info 

  • High power module with screw connection and reinforced protection earth
  • Lever for rapid removal of the module
  • Fast connection by cage spring
  • High current with only one module slot
  • Very high current transfers in a small space
  • RGB video signal transmission in one module
  • Profibus DP module for uninterruptible fieldbus operation
  • CAT.5-Performance

 Modular Benefits

  • The mix of different functions in one plug guarantees high flexibility
  • Screw connection up to 25mm² for easy assembly without special tools
  • Separate protective conductor for increased safety
  • High current transfer Only one slot needed in the frame
  • The mix of different functions in one plug guarantees high flexibility
  • Crimp connection for permanent vibration proof contact
  • Uninterruptible fieldbus operation when pulling the connector
  • Easy assembly by screw connection
  • Shielding connection by strain relief

 Modular Applications

  • Plant engineering
  • Printing machines
  • Control engineering
  • Robotics industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Light & sound technology

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