OLFLEX Classic 100 H


  • Halogen-free power and control cable, oil resistant and very flexible
  • Power and control cable for various applications,
  • Nominal voltage 450/750V
  • Easy handling and installation due to very flexible cable type
  • Torsion Resistant
  • Oil Resistant
  • Halogen Free
  • Flame-retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2
  • Cold Resistant
  • No flame-propagation
  • Low smoke density according to IEC 61034-2
  • Ozone-resistant according to EN 50396

Application Range

  • Public buildings like airports or railway stations
  • Plant engineering,
  • Industrial machinery
  • Heating and air-conditioning systems
  • Stage applications
  • Particularly where human and animal life as well as valuable property are exposed to high risk of fire hazards
  • Suitable for torsional applications which are typical for the loop in wind turbine generators (WTG)

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