Lapp OLFLEX Servo 7 DSL


 Hybrid servo DSL cable for fixed installation 

Application range

  • For fixed installation or applications with occasional movements
  • Power drive systems in automation engineering
  • Connecting cable between servo controller and motor
  • For use in assembling & pick-and-place machinery
  • Particularly in wet areas of machine tools and transfer lines
  • Suitable for Hiperface DSL® motor-feedback system

Product features

  • Maximum DSL transmission length: 100m
  • Flammability: 
    UL/CSA: VW-1, FT1
    IEC/EN: 60332-1-2
  • Oil-resistant
  • Low-capacitance design
  • EMC-optimised design

Product Make-up

  • Fine-wire, bare copper conductor (power cores and control pair) and 7-wire, tinned copper conductor (signal pair)
  • Core insulation: polypropylene (PP)
  • Individual design depending on the item: power cores without or with one screened control pair and one DSL signal pair twisted together
  • Tinned-copper braiding
  • PVC outer sheath, orange (RAL 2003)


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