EMC Cable Entry Systems

For conducted and field-bound disturbances

Special emphasis is being placed on the derivation of electromagnetic interference.

A distinction is made between conductive and field-bound disturbances.

A large contact area of the cable shield for the derivation of the interference to a conductive enclosure wall combined with the shielding of the enclosure interior, generally offers a good solution for both types of interference. 

Due to a conductive surface, interferences in the cable shields on the control cabinet can be easily dissipated.

Field bound disturbances are derived by the metallisation. Between the EMC-KEL and the metal wall a conductive flat gasket (included) is mounted.

The cable grommets type EMC-KT are made of a very conductive elastomer.

Interferences are dissipated from the cable shield directly via the grommet, the frame and the flat gasket. 

This ensures full-area protection against field-bound interference!