Lumberg Automation T-connectors & Adapters


T-Connectors & 2 Way Distributors 

Lumberg Automation T-Connectors / 2 way distributors and adaptors are ideal for applications that require efficient and flexible wiring or applications where multiple I/O modules require connecting. With connectors available for 7/8 & M23 connections, M12 & M8 connections and valve adaptors, Lumberg Automation offer flexible interconnect solutions.

0906 UTP 104 - T-Connector from Lumberg Automation

Commonly used in industrial automation and machine building applications, Lumberg Automation's T-connectors are IP 67 or IP68 rated. 7/8" and M23 T-Connectors used for power supply and signal transmission applications use he fieldbus systems DeviceNet/CANopen, Interbus and Profibus. RJ45 / M12 adapters are used for data transfers out of the cabinet.

M12 and M8 T-Connectors for power supply and signal transmission use fieldbus systems DeviceNet/CANopen and also have the option to double a port and connect M8/M12 connections to Valve Adaptors.

0906 UTP 203 - T-Connector from Lumberg Automation0906 UTP 101 - T-Connector from Lumberg Automation