Polysnap IEC Connectors

Bulgin Polysnap IEC Connectors

  • Bulgins popular range of polysnap mains power inlet modules deliver a highly versatile and flexible solution to panel design. 
  • Polysnap allows for  combinations of mains inlets and outlets, filtered inlets, switches, fuseholders, voltage selectors and indicators mounted in a choice of horizontal or vertical format bezels ready for quick snap-fit assembly. 
  • The compact design sits in the minimum of panel area where space is at a premium and has a single rectangular mounting hole  allowing for easy installation for the mains power entry module.
  • To harmonize with Bulgin’s range of polysnap modules the polyflange range offers a flange fixing alternative for applications that suit the reliability of screw fixing. 

Styles include the following:

  • C14, C14 FUSED INLETS, C16 FUSED INLETS, C20, OUTLETS SHEET F, C14 INLET/OUTLET, C14 FUSED Combinations with bezel options to include Snap to panel vertical, Snap to panel horizontal and flange mount vertical.  
  • There are  neon switch variations and quick-connect contact terminations.

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