Spider III


Spider III Unmanaged Switches  

                              Spider III

Choose from SPIDER III Standard or SPIDER III Premium unmanaged switches. Both are easy to install.


Cost-Effective and Compact,  Designed especially for reliable operation in harsh industrial conditions. Small size saves space in tight areas and makes installation simple and fast . High data throughput achieved by Gigabit data speeds, while fibre communication options ensure long-term scalability


User Customizable, The SPIDER III Premium switches expand on the benefits of the Standard Line offerings by adding configurable switch functionality typically only found in managed switches. Easy installation and customization of each switch’s ports for specific applications through the SPIDER’s USB port and free stand-alone software tool. Withstands extreme industrial conditions with  an extended temperature range, a ruggedized metal housing and an optional conformal coating which protects the electronics against dust, humidity and noxious gases. Meets additional industry standards and approvals, including those for transportation, process automation and marine applications.

USB Configuration Interface (Premium) :

The Hirschmann SPIDER III Premium switches come with a USB interface that allows for quick customization of individual port parameters. The easy-to-use Switch Programing Tool makes it easy to generate a configuration file and transfer it to a switch using a USB drive. This free application is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. And it’s portable so it doesn’t require any installation. In order to document the configuration of a particular switch, the Switch Programming Tool can also export a detailed configuration report in PDF format. You can download the running configuration of a switch and open it with the Switch Programming Tool so the configuration can be read and edited. Turn off unused ports to help secure the network. During periods of heavy traffic the flow control mechanism – which acts as an overload protection for the device – holds off additional traffic from the network and ensures that no data packets are lost. Activate Broadcast and/or Multicast Storm protection to limit traffic on the ports when Broadcast or Multicast data packets flood the device.  Enable or disable the transmission of large data packets (jumbo frames) to increase network efficiency.  Eliminate duplex mismatch errors by matching Auto-Negotiation, Speed and Duplex Mode parameters to the end device settings. Use the Quality of Service function to prevent time-critical data traffic (language, video or real-time data) from being disrupted by less time-critical data traffic during periods of heavy traffic. By enabling this feature the switches can be applied in PROFINET conformance class A applications

Hirschmann Spider III PDF Product Configurator can be found HERE

 Hirschmann Spider III On Line Product Configurator can be found HERE

 Four Easy Steps to Configure a Premium Switch

1. Use the Switch Programming Tool to configure all switch and port parameters.

2. Connect the USB drive to the switch.

3 Save the configuration file to a USB drive.

 4. Power-cycle the switch to transfer and apply the new configuration.



Spider III Standard                                          Spider III Premium

Up to 8 FE or GE ports                                    Up to 9 FE or 8 GE ports

No USB                                                              1 x USB for configuration

12/24 V DC (9.6 to 32 V DC)                         12/24/48 V DC (9.6 to 60 V DC), 24 V AC, redundant

Max. 555 mA                                                     Max. 360 mA

LEDs (power, link status, data)                      LEDs (power, link status, data), Fault Relay

DIN Rail, Wall Mounting*                                 DIN Rail, Wall Mounting* 

*For wall mounting a wall mounting plate will be required

Accessories: Rail Power Supply RPS 30/80 EEC/120 EEC (CC), Wall mounting plate for DIN rail mounting (width 40/70 mm)


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