FO Converters

Media converters for Ethernet networks with basic requirements

The class 1000 Ethernet media converters are designed for applications with basic requirements.

They provide an easy and cost-effective entry-level solution for converting to FO technology in industrial Ethernet networks.

Media converters for time-critical applications

FL MC 2000T series devices can be switched between standard store-and-forward mode with auto negotiation and pass-through operating mode. This makes it possible to achieve very short delays (latency) of 835 ns. These devices are therefore ideal for applications with time-critical Ethernet protocols such as PROFINET IRT, Powerlink, EtherCAT, and Sercos III. They also offer:

Media converters for single-fiber transmission

The FL MC EF WDM media converters provide you with a full duplex FO connection with just one optical fiber. These devices are ideally suited to rotating applications with optical slip rings, such as in wind turbine generators.

Media converters for special applications: Explosion protection, shipbuilding, power

With ATEX and DNV approval, the FL MC EF1300 versions are particularly suitable for process industry, wind power, and shipbuilding applications. With singlemode fiberglass, you can achieve transmission ranges of up to 36 km.

FL MC 2000E media converters are suitable for applications in accordance with IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613

Media converters for PROFIBUS

Media converters from the PSI-MOS product family enable you to convert copper-based PROFIBUS interfaces to FO (fiber optics). A transparent protocol is used to convert all data rates up to 12 Mbps.

Media converters for RS-232 connections

RS-232 interfaces are very susceptible to electromagnetic interference and potential differences. The transmission distances are too short. Use media converters from Phoenix Contact to convert your serial interface to fiber optics.

Media converters for CANopen® and DeviceNet™

You can use media converters to network CANopen® and DeviceNet™ fieldbus systems easily and without interference via fiber optics.

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