Power H-S & TB Series

EPIC® Power H-S Series Inserts

                                  10407910 | H-S 4+2xPE SAS | Lapp Power H-S Insert

This type of power connector insert is suitable for transmitting high current in small areas. It has axial screw terminations for installation without the special tool. These Power H-S inserts have very high current transfer in a small space. They have axial screw termination for assembly without special tool.


  • They are fast and easy to assembly allowing for less time spent on assembly.
  • They have a very high current transfer
  • They also have a lower space requirement.
  • Axial screw termination for assembly without special tool.

Application Range

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Plant Engineering
  • Renewable energy

EPIC® TB-H-BE 16 Series Inserts

                                       70315100 | TB-H-BE 16 BRE | Lapp Epic®  TB-H-BE Insert

These inserts are used in control cabinets and are used for convenient, clear wiring. This insert has 16 contacts and can be used in investment construction for example.


  • Standard H-BE inserts for use with control cabinets
  • Pluggable with H-BE male inserts in the hood
  • Fastening on the left side means that when mounting the terminal adapter on the left wall of a control cabinet, the PE connection and pin 1 are on the top side.

Application Range

  • Control cabinet manufacturing
  • Plant engineering

The Lapp EPIC Rectangular connectors can be found in any machine and plant engineering or drive technology application used for control, drive, measuring or regulation. There is a solution perfectly suited to any requirement as the rectangular connectors are available as components making it a very flexible system consisting of casings, insets, contacts, and accessories. EPIC rectangular connectors offer 11 different contact insert types and 2 housing series sizes to handle application requirements up to 1000 volts, 82 amps, and from 3 to 280 contacts. These Lapp connectors are intermateable and compatible with most equivalent DIN type rectangular connectors.

Today, the Lapp brands are some of the best-known in the cable technology field and have earned an outstanding reputation as a premium brand. All over the world, they stand for the values which we and our customers consider paramount: quality, precision, and reliability. The types of industries you will find Lapp cables in are mechanical and systems engineering, the automotive industry, MSR technology, electrical and installations engineering, and more.

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