Industrial Routers and Cybersecurity

Industrial security and firewalls

Industrial cybersecurity protects networked industrial systems and equipment from attacks, data espionage, failures due to viruses, malware, and misuse. After all, cyber attacks and malware can cause a great deal of damage, from loss of know-how, images, and data to expensive downtime and personnel costs for correcting damage, all the way to demands for high ransom.
That’s why we provide security routers and industrial firewalls that are specifically designed to meet the needs of industry and monitor data traffic in the network. Only the data traffic you want is allowed; unauthorized access attempts are blocked. This increases the availability of your systems.


Security routers for secure remote maintenance mGuard security routers

With the mGuard security routers, you can establish worldwide VPN remote maintenance connections and safeguard your network at the same time with a firewall. The robust industrial routers are available as both DIN rail devices and PCI cards.
You can initiate the remote maintenance connection via either the mGuard Secure Cloud or a suitable mGuard peer. Various designs are available as peers: Portable hardware, desktop devices, 19" devices, or VPN software.

Industrial 4G/5G cellular routers for infrastructure applications Robust infrastructure routers

The TC ROUTER cellular routers from Phoenix Contact enable robust data links via 4G cellular networks. This allows you to establish a mobile broadband connection for highly flexible site networking even in places where a wired Internet connection is not available.

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