H-BE & H-EE Series

Lapp EPIC® H-BE & H-EE Series

Lapp is one of the world’s most advanced and leading suppliers of cables, accessories and connectors. Lapp Group supply a wide range of industries with their extensive selection of products such as, automotive, railway, light & sound, machine building and the plastics industry.

Epic® Connectors are a reliable connector for industrial applications, with safe and removable connection in machine building, control cabinets and in outdoor applications.

EPIC® H-BE Insert

               10182000 | EPIC H-BE 10 SCM | Lapp Epic® H-BE Insert

  • Standard inserts with screw, crimp and cage clamp termination.
  • The EPIC® H-BE series is suitable for applications that require a reliable connection when working with high voltages and currents.
  • Epic® HBE series inserts provide reliable termination and performance in the vast majority of medium power and control applications.
  • The inserts can be terminated in a variety of ways: screw, crimp, or “spring” cage clamp.
  • The proven standard inserts for easy assembly

The multi-functional insert can be used for a wide range of applications, from mechanical engineering and the plastics industry through to lighting and sound systems.


Proven screw for easy installation Screw, crimp, cage clamp and Push-In version - freely combinable Railway applications


Standard inserts with screw, crimp cage clamp and Push-In termination The EPIC® H-BE series is suitable for applications that require a reliable connection when working with high voltages and currents Railway applications - Fire protection on railway vehicles: Test according EN 45545-2. Requirement sets R22 and R23. Hazard level HL1, HL2 and HL4 UL tested for application in control cabinets according UL 508 / UL 2237

 Application range

Mechanical engineering Plastics industry Light & sound technology Railway applications / vehicle construction

  •  HBE connectors are type tested to 16A, 440Vac
  • Are available complete in kit form and as individual parts.
  • 6 to 48 way hoods and bases are available
  • Made from rugged aluminium alloy with stove enamelled grey finish
  • Coupled hoods and bases are held securely together by double interlocking levers
  • The inserts are made from Glass reinforced thermoplastic resin
  • With separate earth termination to shell Screw terminals
  • Have wire protection leaves and accept cables up to 2·5 mm2.
  • Contacts are hard silver plated copper alloy
  • Plug and socket inserts are interchangeable in hoods
  • Surface and panel mounting housings, allowing appliance inlet (fixed plug) and free socket arrangements
  • Cable mounting types include compression glands which will seal circular cables to IP65 protection

EPIC® H-EE Insert

               10183400 | H-EE 18 BC | Lapp Epic® H-EE Insert

  • The Epic® HEE series of crimp-terminated inserts is a high-density companion to the popular Epic® HBE series
  • Offering the same voltage and current ratings (600V AV; 16A),
  • it provides a significant increase in contact density (a 67%-100% increase) within the same footprint dimensions as an equivalent-sized HBE insert.
  • Epic® HEE inserts are ideal for applications in the automotive industry, and any other industrial application requiring high density contacts and immunity to vibration
  • The H-EE inserts allow machined crimp contacts for a high number of pins in very tight spaces.
  • H-EE inserts with high contact density based on the tried-and-tested H-BE series.

The connector insert with a high density of contacts is intended for medium power outputs and is suitable for investment construction and mechanical engineering.


Inserts with high contact density for medium power.


The H-EE inserts with machined contacts for a large number of pins in very small spaces. For assembly in H-B housing

 Application range

Mechanical engineering Plant engineering Appliance and apparatus construction

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