Ethernet / Serial / PROFIBUS Extenders

Gigabit Ethernet extenders

  • State-of-the-art video technology places ever-greater demands on the network infrastructure.
  • Gigabit Ethernet extenders enable broadband Ethernet applications up to 1 Gbps over distances up to 1 km.
  • The devices are suitable for existing 2-wire cables as well as for coaxial cables.
  • You can avoid high installation costs through the sustainable use of existing cables
  • With the Power-over-Link (PoL) and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) functions, you supply the entire network and connected devices with power via the data lines.
  • In addition, the Gigabit Ethernet extenders enable a flexible network setup with a point-to-point, line, or star structure.
  • Commissioning is simple via Plug and Play – without additional software


Ethernet extenders

  • With Ethernet extenders, you can connect Ethernet networks over distances up to 20 km via simple 2-wire cables.
  • You can combine managed and unmanaged Ethernet extenders in the same network.
  • This innovative approach not only connects simple point-to-point Ethernet applications to create an extender system, but also large IP networks.
  • The devices enable extremely easy commissioning using Plug and Play
  • Diagnostics of all devices and paths via IP.
  • All extender paths and devices can be easily monitored remotely using a single managed extender.
  • In the event of unexpected events such as line attenuation, you are issued a detailed warning.

High-quality surge protection for managed Ethernet extenders

  • PLUGTRAB PT-IQ is the predictive surge protection system from Phoenix Contact.
  • Multi-stage monitoring of protective devices.
  • This means that failures can be foreseen.
  • The special features of the protective devices include multi-stage signaling and remote signaling.
  • This allows the following event messages to be sent via SNMP, for example:
  • Performance limit reached, replacement recommended
  • Overloaded, replacement required


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